Compression Sock Technology

Do I Need Compression Socks?

The reality is that anyone can suffer from bad circulation in their legs. People that stand or sit all day can make circulation difficult so at the end of the day you may have leg pain, sore legs, and cramps.

Good circulation is very important for your health. Problems with blood flow can lead to uncomfortable aches and pain, and in some situations, they can be dangerous. Using MDSOX can prevent many of the problems associated with bad circulation.

    The Right Design. The Right Compression. The Right Materials.

    MDSOX uses high-grade materials made to last. All of our products are designed for everyday use. The way MDSOX is constructed makes them the most comfortable and efficient sock. All of our products are designed with tight compression that begins at the foot and gradually loosens as the sock ascends down your leg. The pressure that MDSOX puts on your legs helps your blood vessels work to a better degree. The veins that take oxygen-rich blood to your legs relax and blood flow is increased.

    • Thanks to this graduated compression and better leg circulation, you’ll be able to experience the following benefits:
    • Reduces varicose and spider veins
    • Lowers risk of deep vein clots and thrombosis
    • Reduces leg soreness and fatigue
    • Reduces leg heaviness and swelling
    • Reduces vein pain in leg and restless legs

    The ‘MDSOX Advantage’

    When it comes to the latest in compression socks, MDSOX does it right. The design has been tested and proved and has brought real benefits to patients, athletes and workers. Our meticulous construction with quality materials make our premium socks great for the physically demanding lifestyle. Your legs are vital for your daily life, let us help you take care of them.

    The Silver Step

    The X-static silver thread used in MDSOX provides antifungal and anti-odor properties to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. This adds antimicrobial benefits ensuring optimal foot health.

    Cotton Blend

    MDSOX are made with a cotton blend that offers all the benefits of natural fibers. This allows your feet to stay dry while providing a softness to keep you comfortable all day long.

    Vascular Health is our DNA

    Established by a leading physician specialist with extensive training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease.

      Overview of Our Products

      At MDSOX, we understand the vast need for vascular health. For this reason, we offer a variety of different products to suit everyone’s needs. Take our graduated compression dress socks, for instance. In order to give people the ability to reap the benefits of compression while at work, we designed a sock that’s more professional. These compression dress socks are comfortable and provide the same high-quality compression you’ve come to expect from MDSOX.

      We also offer premium ankle compression foot sleeves for men and women. If you suffer from pain and inflammation and need fast relief, then these sleeves are just for you! By implementing the same MDSOX compression in a smaller package, these compression foot sleeves are able to provide proper graduated comfort while allowing greater flexibility and motion with no skin chafing or irritation.

      Experience the Benefits of MDSOX Today

      When we say we’re for “every walk of life,” we mean it! Slip-on a pair of MDSOX and experience the vast benefits of graduated compression. If you have any additional questions, give us a call to learn more about what we have to offer.