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Marathon, Triathlon, and Competition: Preparing for the Challenge

As spring rolls around the corner, athletes know that competition season kicks off. This is the season in which athletes of all ilks show off the skills of their accumulated hard work. Many local sporting events, from local CrossFit competitions, charity 5ks, to races, marathons, and triathlons, happen around the spring and early summer months. This means that many athletes are out there training for their next challenge. And that means the potential for injury widens if the proper care and recovery are not being met. So how do we play a role? We provide athletes with optimal and state-of-the-art technology in compression. MDSOX are carefully engineered and designed for proper graduated compression. 

Compression and Running: How It Makes a Difference

Whether you are a marathon runner or run shorter races, there comes a time in training or competition where a little extra push can help you through that last grueling mile. This happens in long trails or hikes, where we underestimate the difficulty of the terrain or find ourselves fatigued from a week’s work. 

There are several ways in which compression will improve performance when it comes to running or other sporting events. The idea behind graduated compression is to optimize blood flow at the legs to assure enough oxygen and nutrients are provided to the muscles as well as the disposal of toxins such as lactic acid. this process is essential to increase and maintain muscle’s capacity to produce energy for peak performance.

Other benefits will include:

  • Protection against shin splints. The tight compression minimizes impact, helping against shin splints and promoting healing. 
  • Reduction in calf cramps. Nobody likes the cramps! But they happen, so one way to reduce this possibility is by utilizing the power of compression. 
  • Protection from swelling: Compression technology can have a great impact on limiting swelling; it’s why it is particularly effective for people who spend a long time on their feet or are up to a longer race. 
  • Skin protection: The special fabric will protect your skin from abrasions, excessive dryness, and other scratches on your skin. 
  • Warmth: When made out of good materials, compression socks can also add a lightweight layer of protection against slightly cooler temperatures. They provide some temperature control wicking properties. 

Compression, CrossFit, and CrossTraining

Running is not the only athletic arena where compression has made quite the splash recently. Many cross-training athletes or CrossFit athletes have found them to be incredibly helpful for their performance and long training hours as well. CrossFit athletes will put a lot of strain on their bodies as they jump, run, climb ropes, and more. Many athletes that wear compression during and after longer races or training sessions report benefits such as:

  • A reduction in soreness. Graduated compression packs the muscles in place so that it helps to reduce soreness when worn after a particularly long or grueling training session. 
  • A speedier recovery. Because it increases blood flow, compression gear also helps speed up the removal of waste and promotes the re-introduction of the substances muscles need to rebuild themselves after they have been torn up by a long workout and impact of jumping, running, etc. 
  • Increased awareness. Wrapping up those muscles also has some other benefits that are not often talked about. The mere fact of putting some added pressure on your muscles helps with stability and agility, as well as improved posture, as we are made aware of these muscles a lot more. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Size 

When choosing compression apparel, it is important to keep in mind that it is supposed to be tight but not uncomfortably tight. If it is too loose on your legs, it might not have the intended effect. If it is too tight that it causes pain, then you might need to go a size bigger. 

What is MDSox Difference? 

It’s not your average compression and it’s certainly not your average sock. 

With a profound understanding of what is required for optimal leg health, our very own vascular specialist has devised the perfect combination of materials and more. When it comes to vein health, medical-grade compression that is tighter at the ankle can reduce the vein’s diameter and pushes de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. The benefits of compression exist even after the training or the race is done. Wearing compression socks after athletic training will have some of the above benefits. For many people that travel long distances and spend a lot of time on the road or on airplanes, compression apparel can make quite the difference. 

Choose Medical-Grade Compression Socks 

Here at MDSOX, we are dedicated to finding the best combination of materials and fabric to ensure optimized performance and recovery. If you’re looking for that extra mile in your running or CrossFit training, compression might be the secret you’re missing. Call us today!

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From Desk Job to Endurance Workouts: Why Compression Matters

an athlete wearing MDSOX and jumping over a dirt embankment in the desert

Any person in the medical field can tell you a thing or two about the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates. Many physicians, after all, take some variation of the Hippocratic oath—named after the Greek physician—before they begin practicing in order to uphold high ethical standards when practicing medicine and treating others. It was this early Greek student of medicine who began looking for relief for problems of varicose veins and other circulatory issues and found the benefits of compression back in 370 BCE.

Over the centuries, of course, advances in knowledge and technology have witnessed incredible developments in the world of compression. Fabric technology far surpasses anything Hippocrates could have imagined back in his day. Using compression doesn’t just benefit athletes. Compression aids circulation and thus benefits everyone from the 8-5 desk worker to the nurse working 12-hour rotations, to world-class athletes recovering from hardcore workouts.

The Importance of Blood Circulation for Overall Health

The circulatory system is vast and complex; it is composed of three systems that work together. These are the lungs, arteries, veins, and vessels, and the heart. The whole system’s function is the flow of blood and to supply the cells with oxygen and other nutrients. The circulatory system both delivers nutrients and helps remove waste products, such as carbon dioxide from the body. Circulatory problems happen when some part of this system breaks down or does not work properly. Minor issues can also arise when veins—such as the veins in the legs—do not work properly and become blocked or clogged. Varicose veins, for example, are one type of very common issue that many Americans suffer from. 

And while there are degrees of severity and discomfort with problems circulatory problems like varicose veins, one way to alleviate some of the symptoms is by using compression in the area in order to assist the circulation of the blood.  At the same time, compression is a preventative tactic to ward off muscle fatigue and prevent pain and soreness. A person who sits or stands all day at work can benefit from the effects of this. 

From Cyclists to CrossFitters to the Working Mom

Endurance athletes such as cyclists make common use of compression socks for a variety of reasons. A long-distance cyclist knows that a tremendous amount of strain and pressure is put on the legs and lower calves. Our graduated compression socks are designed with a specific knit and fabric technology called graduated medical-grade compression. There is more tightness around the ankle and foot to support the Achilles Heel but is slightly looser in the higher areas of the calf, knee, and thigh. This design helps the promotion of blood flow back into the heart to maintain oxygen replenishment. 

On any given day, a CrossFit athlete will move from an endurance workout with a two-mile run and a combination of pull-up and push-ups, to rope climbing, Olympic lifts, jumping, and more. The daily strain on the muscles can cause a lot of lactic acid build-up. The buildup of lactic acid not only slows down performance but can cause injury or hamper progress, so daily use of compression during strenuous workouts can provide comfort and support for fatigued muscles. That extra support in the ankle and leg muscles will go a long way in preventing injury and aiding with inflammation. 

Just like too much strain and fatigue can cause a disruption to the circulatory system, a lack of activity or long periods of sitting or standing can have a similar effect on the flow of blood. Sitting down for long periods of time can prevent the blood from flowing as it should and cause discomfort and veins that become swollen. Consistent use of compression aids in blood flow. Even on a long road trip, legs can cramp up and cause serious pain. Try a pair of MDSOX next time you have to drive the family cross country and feel the difference. 

Say No to Lactic Acid and Yes to Better Circulation

So whether you are cycling across the city, lifting serious weight over your head, or simply trying to get through the day at work, take preventative measures against lactic acid and bad circulation and implement compression into your everyday wardrobe. MDSOX is ready to help you find the right socks for your particular needs. Give us a call today. 

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Benefits of Compression Socks for Nurses

Four healthcare workers in scrubs walking in corridor.

Societies all over the world hold nurses in high regard for their commitment to working long and arduous shifts, especially because the sake and well-being of their feet are on the line. Nurses can never really squeeze in the time for rest or a break from standing, so it is vital that they wear supportive uniforms and apparel. So why should nurses be mindful of how much time they spend on their feet? With proper footwear, nurses can help prevent the development of sores, bunions, calluses, and even more severe conditions. In fact, studies show that those who are in the medical field are likely to develop work-related musculoskeletal disorders—we can admit that we’re not surprised. Let’s cover all the ways that compression socks can equip nurses with the support they need to get through shift by shift. 

Our Compression Socks Help You Start Your Shift on the Right Foot!

If you’re barely starting your career as a nurse, your feet are bound to endure pain and fatigue as you adapt to medical life. By implementing compression socks into your daily work wardrobe, you can expect your legs and feet to slowly and smoothly adjust! MDSOX is well aware that nurses wear shoes specialized for their work duties, so we also provide compression socks that will fit with your shoe size, no matter the size!

Compression Socks Help Prevent Blood Clots

Blood clotting is too often overlooked and is considered a “minor” problem by most. When nurses stand all day, it becomes more likely that blood will rush down the legs and collect; this, in turn, causes the blood to clot. Blood clotting can become a life-threatening problem when clots migrate through the veins, potentially reaching the heart and lungs. Our compression socks for nurses prevents blood clotting by making sure that blood flows properly.

Improve Circulation 

Compression socks are also designed to apply graduated pressure to your lower legs, ankles, and feet. With the proper application of pressure, nurses can expect to maintain blood flow, reducing the chances of discomfort and swelling. Varicose veins are more likely if your legs and feet constantly swell up. Varicose veins are never a pretty sight, so buy wearing our compression socks, you don’t have to worry about them!

Our Colorful Compression Socks Match and Work with Your Uniform

Working in the nursing field can be fun and enlightening when you get to wear scrubs— and compression socks—of all kinds! MDSOX doesn’t aim to provide you with boring and bland compression socks. We have a vast array of socks with different types of colors! Our compression socks are not only comfortable and essential for a nurse’s shift, but they are also a great way to look forward to work!

MDSOX Provides You with the Relief You Need 

There is no doubt that nurses come home exhausted and ready to hit the sack after a long shift. By donning our compression socks, you don’t have to worry about stretching your legs and going out of your way to make sure your legs are attended to. We need our nurses and because of that, MDSOX caters with comfortable, graduated compression socks. Get your pair of compression socks now to initiate relief and comfort throughout your life! 

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All About Compression Socks: Your Questions, Answered!

a gang of cyclists careening down a desert road at speeds hitherto unknown to common individuals, all while wearing MDSOX

When you get home from work, do you sit down on the couch and put your feet up in order to relax after a long day? Perhaps you take off your shoes and massage your feet a bit to get rid of aches and pains. No matter what your job may be, it’s always necessary to take care of your body. Whether you sit behind a desk from 9 to 5 or you’re on your feet, wearing compression socks from MDSOX can help. 

Below, we outline the science behind compression and how slipping on a pair of our socks, you’ll be doing your part to live a happier, healthier life. 

First, What is Compression?

Compression socks are exactly what their name suggests. They are designed to specifically compress (or squeeze) your leg in order to allow for better blood flow. You see, poor blood flow can result in aches and pains. If you work at an office job where you sit in one position for hours, the veins within your legs and the blood within won’t be able to flow how it should. Compression and pressure allow for the blood to flow consistently, effectively stopping any aches and pains from taking place. 

What Does it Mean For Socks to Be Graduated?

MDSOX have graduated compression socks, which means they are tighter in the ankle area, and they get less tight as they reach the knee. This graduated pressure works wonders and prevents any swelling or discomfort that might occur with non-graduated socks. 

At MDSOX, we strive to use only the best materials to bring our top-grade graduated designs to life. For this reason, we implement a special cotton blend that provides anti-fungal properties, which means your feet will remain dry all day long. Moreover, MDSOX are specifically designed to keep your feet comfortable and odorless. 

Do All Compression Socks Look Like That?

In order for compression socks to work as they should, they must be knee-length. At MDSOX, we aspire to provide a good amount of color options to suit the needs of all our clients. If you’d like to take the benefits of compression with you to work, then consider our dress socks. These socks look beautiful and professional, all while providing the same degree of comfort. In fact, our dress socks come in many color options, from classic black and gray to striking aqua and peach. 

Where Do I Buy Compression Socks?

Right here! The MDSOX website is your online store for all your compression socks needs. Simply click through to our store and take a look at what we have to offer. We always have great sales going on so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on social media to be the first to know about any upcoming sales or promotions! 

Before long, you’ll be able to experience the unrivaled comfort of compression socks.

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Compression Stockings: The Many Benefits and Why You May Need a Pair

a group of soccer (or futbol) players standing in a line, all wearing compression socks from MDSOX

If you’re looking for a way to prevent discomfort in your legs, then consider using compression stockings! People from every walk of life wear compression socks and stockings. Athletes, nurses, patients, and office workers alike can all benefit from compression stockings. But how exactly do these stockings work? It all boils down to the science of compression. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of compression.

Improve Blood Flow By Simply Wearing a Pair of Compression Stockings

Simply put, compression stockings are tight socks that squeeze your legs in a gentle way. MDSOX are specially graduated, which means they’re tighter at the bottom (around the ankle) and loosen up as they reach the top. Graduated compression stockings are able to provide more benefits since their compression faculties target more specific areas of the leg, instead of providing the same degree of compression throughout. 

But how does constant squeezing yield positive results? It’s simple, really. You see, the blood vessels in your legs work extra hard to circulate blood. Compression helps these blood vessels work more effectively. Have your legs ever felt tired or sore? Maybe after a long airplane ride, you notice a pain in your legs. What about after a long shift? Do you put your legs up on your couch or ottoman when you get home from work? You can easily say goodbye to these aches and pains by wearing compression stockings during the day. Compression keeps your blood moving so it won’t pool in your legs’ veins. 

Compression Stockings for Every Walk of Life

Compression stockings are great for a variety of individuals. If you’re at risk of circulation problems (such as varicose veins or diabetes), if you’ve had surgery, if you stand or sit all day at work, if you’re pregnant, or if you’re an athlete, then compression stockings may make your day-to-day less painful. 

For the Best Compression Stockings, Choose MDSOX!

If you’re looking for compression stockings, then you’ve come to the right place! MDSOX strives to provide the highest quality products to every client. We offer classic graduated compression socks as well as dress compression socks so you can reap the benefits of compression while in the office. Our premium ankle compression foot sleeves are a great choice for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. When it comes to compression stockings, no one can compare to the high-quality products MDSOX has to offer. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of compression, then place an order through our website! 


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Compression Socks: What They Are and How They Can Help You

A person wearing bright green compression socks from MDSOX


How much time do you spend sitting down each day? If you work in an office, as a truck driver, or in a similar environment, you probably spend a great deal of time sitting. While this is just a normal part of these kinds of jobs, it can have an adverse effect on your circulation, particularly in your legs. That’s where compression socks come in. Compression socks are ideal for people of all ages who work in environments that require long durations of sitting, athletes, and pregnant women, among many others. 

Here’s what they are and how they can help you:

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are a specialized sock you wear that compresses your feet, ankles, and calves in order to improve circulation. They may be given to you to reduce your chances of getting a blood clot, prevent varicose veins, and overall just to improve circulation. 

We offer graduated compression socks, which are the best option for compression socks. We recommend them to anyone who sits and stands regularly, exercises, or who is pregnant as a preventative measure. 

How They Can Help You

Compression socks work by compressing different parts of your leg in order to improve circulation. You see, when you spend a large part of your day sitting, the blood in your legs has trouble flowing back up to your heart. This can cause the veins to bulge, break, and other serious complications to arise. Compression socks improve your circulation, reducing the chances of these complications from happening. 

Who Can Benefit From Compression Socks?

A great thing about compression socks is that we recommend them for everyone. However, we especially recommend them for those who sit for long hours of the day, exercise regularly, are elderly, and women who are pregnant, since many pregnant women develop varicose veins. But anyone looking to prevent these issues can use compression socks as a preventative measure. 

Contact MDSOX Today!

At MDSOX, we can provide you with high-quality compression socks for all uses. Our compression socks are long lasting and made with high-quality materials, including cotton blends and silver infused threads, which help to combat odors, bacteria, and fungus. Compression socks are preventative and can help give you some peace of mind at your job, while exercising, or while pregnant. 

Regardless of your situation, we highly recommend them as a preventative measure. Call today to learn more!

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